Toby Vandenack

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  • Biography

Toby Vandenack's ability to capture intriguing moments through the lens of a camera was apparent at a young age. Self-taught, Toby's passion and talent for photography have earned him numerous awards in international competitions, solo exhibits and in publications worldwide, including Fortune 500.

Enchanting and beautifully crafted, Toby's photographs are becoming an increasingly important part of public, corporate and private art collections around the world. Toby takes a deep, personal interest in each image, something he considers essential in creating images that are an expression of his own vision. His nighttime photographs, including his Parisian collection, are skillfully executed and manage to capture delicate, fleeting moments in time.

"Timelessness has always been a quality that I appreciate about black and white photography, and no doubt, a quality that I love about historic cities, too."