Lola Bryant

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  • Biography

Lola Bryant was raised in eastern United States but moved to the west coast in her early 30’s as a result of having inherited from her grandparents a small house in a beach community. For the first 10 years she commuted into the city and worked as a mechanic on import cars. 

Every year she took a month off and traveled, first to the south western United States, Mexico and then abroad to Thailand, Morocco, Spain and Tunisia. Throughout her travels she collected vintage silver jewelry and beads and lots of photographs of the people she met, the places she saw. Being a bit of a “type a” personality Lola has always needed to be busy. When she is not working or traveling, she takes night courses at the local community centers and colleges where she has studied painting, photography, life drawing, wood working and silver smithing. 

Several years ago Lola built herself a small studio in her back garden and now finds herself working on any number of creative projects in her spare time. Now a member of the local wood worker’s co operative gallery Lola regularly exhibits her much sought after furniture made of reclaimed wood. She also paints and has developed over the years a substantial port folio of mixed media pieces that were initially exhibited in local galleries and are now collected throughout the world. Lola now works full time as an artist – tinkering with the occasional import car when she feels the need for diversion.