Moira Greaven

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  • Biography

From a young age, Moria Greaven had a great appreciation for the intricate yet delicate beauty of nature, "From my mother, I learned to 'look' closely and appreciate nature – the plants, the animals, the birds, the insects, in their habitats all through the year."

Originally educated as a biologist, Moria began using artwork as a facet to showcase her passion for nature. Self taught she found creative ways of facilitating plant colors and textures into intricate works of art. It was her way of bringing 'nature indoors'. Her love of nature is always evident and the fascination by the uniqueness of each plant inspires her to further her creativity in her artwork.

Now residing in the West Coast, Moria finds inspiration every where she goes:"Through my botanical artwork, I seek to increase awareness and appreciation of plants, to reconnect people with plants, the basis of life."Whether hiking, gardening or capturing stunning natural elements on film, her passion will always lie with fusing creativity and nature together.