Frank & Susann Parker Nature Photography Frank & Susann Parker Nature Photography

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Working together as independent wildlife photographers, Frank and Susann Parker have been capturing classic images from nature for many years, photographing a host of varied species and environments from around the globe.

Frank Parker developed a passion for wildlife from a very young age. After running a graphic design business for 11 years, he took up photography and began traveling the globe, photographing animals in their environment – adding a creative edge to wildlife photography. His collections are represented around the world by leading agents and the demand for new images is always high. "I find myself traveling more than I should, but it always gives memorable moments. To capture the image you want is so fulfilling, whether it's of a Tarantula in Belize or a Cheetah family in Kenya."

Susann Parker travels the globe as an independent professional photographer, capturing images of endangered species. Her hope is that through print and publicity, the plight of such animals will receive the necessary public awareness. Her ever-expanding career gave inspiration to the development of her own company offering wildlife images as art prints for the home or office. Today, with the photography and donations of her sales to the Cheetah Conservation Fund, the project is in full swing and the hard work is starting to reach the mainstream public.