Jurgen Gottschlag

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  • Biography

Jurgen Gottschlag uses his fascination for historical and contemporary art in combination with his own unique interpretation of the world to illuminate his own creativity.

"Throughout my career as an artist I have learned many different techniques and worked with many different looks. I paint a broad range of subject matter - everything from figurative to abstract and am influenced by artists ranging from the European old masters to the Impressionists , Neo Expressionists, Pop artists, and all Contemporary artists." Born and raised in Germany, Jurgen received a fine arts degree in commercial art from a major West German art institute. Armed with this degree, Jurgen traveled to North America where he began a flourishing career in the film industry working on many t.v. and movie sets in addition to continuing to develop his own personal portfolio. Even with this productive career, Jurgen always remembers to go back to his natural creative roots; "Though my career has been about creating fantasy for film and ultimately for the audience - I always draw my true inspiration from nature. I am always amazed by it - and it always brings me back down to reality."

Jurgen now resides on the West Coast with his wife.