Terrence Wesley

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  • Biography

Terrence Wesley’s work is a visual representation of the ideas, thoughts and imagery that have fascinated him his whole life.

Terrence transfers the arresting images of the architectural world onto canvas and excites a sense of shared discovery for the viewer. Enthralled by antique buildings he faithfully reproduces stunning architectural elements using historic plaster techniques. “There are fabulous detailed buildings at every turn – especially in London. Even when I think I have seen it all, I spot something new and unexpected.” Often traveling on commissions, Terrence has visited every nook and cranny of Europe and describes Eastern Europe as a place that has “remained untouched by modernism.”

Educated in Italy, Terrence has a degree in Architectural preservation. A versatile and talented artist, he regularly travels around Europe for work. But after every journey, he says the best place to be in the world is at home with his wife Nelly and their two English bulldogs, Dudley and Ester.