Esther Bley Designs

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Hello!  I am Bley Hack, an artist living in the glorious Midwest.  Inspired to bring the warmth of the past into modern life, I produce artwork done in watercolor, pen and ink, and digital media to create charming, fresh collections.  My hope is that you can see my hand work in my surface designs.

My studio name, Esther Bley, comes from the great grandmother I am named after.  She was a hardworking, practical farmer’s wife who tried to bring beauty into the everyday.  It’s my desire to create handmade, nostalgic artwork for products; to bring that same spirit to ordinary things.

A native of Minneapolis, I studied art at the University of Cincinnati College of Design Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP), and have an MA in Historic Preservation from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).  I live in Dayton, Ohio, with my husband and five children.