Donna Kleinman

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  • Biography

Donna graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in business but always had to have some form of creative outlet since she was a child. Whether art class or home economics, Donna always enjoyed the creativity these classes provided. As an adult, she continued to take art classes over the years for inspiration and to satisfy the creative side of her brain.

Donna is also a collector of "old things". Postcards, printed papers and images, handwritten letters, among other things, always intrigued her. Traveling to Europe and Asia over the years has helped build that collection. Whether it is in Pasadena or Paris, flea markets have also been a favorite shopping arena for her. Since she had to do something with all of this "stuff", Donna started to decoupage glass plates as a hobby over 15 years ago. Only recently, she started working with canvas and expanding the decoupage hobby to full scale alternative art collages using transfer methods and pieces of letters or paper images that she thinks work together. Donna’s collages are more on the feminine side; using nature inspired objects for the most part. She loves finding old black and white etchings of beautiful objects, scenery or people to mix with soft or vibrant background colors of old wall paper or printed paper. Donna still maintains a job in the business world and lives in Southern California with two college students but works on her "hobby" as much as she can.