Jill Schultz McGannon

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  • Biography

Jill Schultz McGannon grew up in the Southern United States and received her BFA and MFA in Drawing and Painting from the University of Georgia. She also studied at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Jill became interested in painting landscapes in 1994 when she spent the summer in Cortona, Italy as an Artist in Residence with the University of Georgia. She found a new interest in painting plein-air from the hilltops surrounding Cortona, and recently returned to Tuscany and Umbria to paint and photograph the Italian landscape. With the resulting paintings, she not only affords herself time spent in nature, but also hopes to impress upon the viewer the beauty and value of the diminishing landscape.

She captures the expansive views of Italy in a classically romantic style, using earthy tones to create a hazy, harvest-like atmosphere.