Dan Zamudio

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  • Biography

Photographer Dan Zamudio’s work centers on his belief that “Traditional photography is the New Alternative”.  Dan creates hand-printed photographs in a darkroom using methods and techniques slowly fading to the world of digital imagery.  His urban landscape photographs (shot on film with a toy camera called “Diana”) incorporates his interest in vintage neon signs, urban architecture, and “links to the past” with darkroom techniques ranging from basic film development and printing to more experimental skills such as sandwiching negatives and solarization. Dan’s flower images are commonly referred to as photograms. A photogram is a primitive photography technique by which objects are placed on light-sensitive paper and then briefly subjected to a light source.  Each photogram image is distinct and can never be recreated exactly the same way.  Dan Zamudio has a masters degree in Library and Information Sciences from Dominican University and a bachelors degree from Columbia College in Chicago. His photographs have been featured in various exhibitions and publications throughout the United States. 

Dan’s studio is located in Chicago, Illinois where he lives with his wife and 2 children.