Adam Shaw Cartography

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Adam R Shaw grew up with a passion for history during his childhood in Northern Virginia. Not only was the area rich in Civil War history, but his parents collected and sold rare antiques to homeowners, decorators and interior designers. Being largely influenced by the area he lived in and his parents, Adam took an interest in Archeology in his beginning years of college. The class included studying and deciphering old documents which greatly influenced his yearning for discovery and exploration of the past. Adam eventually found a new historical appreciation with vintage maps and cartography largely because they were not only extremely informative but also visually beautiful.
Often his parents decorated the house with rare and valuable antiques ranging from Civil War muskets, vintage farm equipment, old armours and much more. He was oftened quized on what the antique was and how it was used during the historical time period. Holding and interacting with these various historical items made Adam R Shaw realize the special nature that these items hold. That the items themselves were a part of history and history needs to be shared and preserved for the betterment of society.
Adam R Shaw fell in love with old maps and cartography largely because they are not only aesthetically and visually pleasing but also are historically informative. "A map on a wall can delite the eyes, but can also create a romance for the past" says Adam R Shaw. With this inherent love for visuals and history, Adam R Shaw has created unique decorative collections featuring vintage maps displaying the world, cities, countries, continents, oceans, small towns and much more.