Morgan Yamada

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  • Biography

The still beauty and wild landscape where the Alaskan border touches the top of Canada, is still considered home by Morgan Yamada. "I grew up in the smallest of towns. I was taught to love and respect nature and above all else, believe in the possibility of dreams."

Morgan's fascination with nature was inevitable. Her father, an avid outdoorsman, raised orphaned grizzly bears and other wild animals on the family's acreage. From a young age, she kept koi in an expansive pond and was captivated by their sleek beauty and mesmerizing colors. Today, Morgan is an animal activist working on several projects to protect our wild friends.

A diverse and talented artist, Morgan now lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family where she feels "grateful to be afforded the opportunity to live life creatively every day." Her move to the City brought a new avenue of discovery, new subjects to love, sketch and create. The result is a portfolio of imagery as diverse as the artist herself.

A self taught carpenter, Morgan is often found dividing her time between sketching and painting as well as perfecting her dovetails.