Colleen Sandland

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  • Biography

Painting and drawing has always been a source of Colleen Sandland's identification. She grew up in a home saturated with plants and flowers. The exposure to the details in nature has given her the visual ornaments that reveal the secret language in her paintings. Colleen uses bold, bright and vibrant color trios to draw the viewer in.

She applies intricate details to give the viewer a long standing observation. "Art is my main source of adherence, balance and perseverance in my life. Beauty is something I replicate and it is a constant theme in my work. While in the process of laying paint on the canvas or panel, it brings euphoria into my soul. I am always contented by the modern influence which is in emergence to the contemporary art world today."

Colleen categorizes her work as ‘Neo Impressionistic Florals.’ The characteristics of a flower are delicate, and smaller, yet larger than life. The things we may lack to notice every day, such as a delicate flower, is an indication of the vastness of our existence. We forget that time continues to go by until we look back and notice what once was. A flower has vitality, but when the petals drop we get reminded that time surpasses us. Flowers express life in a different perspective. They are not just flowers, but a shift of reality. They can convey emotions of nostalgia, melancholy, or even euphoria. A shift of awareness can be empowering when you change the way you look at a flower, or life.