Symposium Design

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  • Biography

Joanne is a painter, designer and photographer. Trained as a textile Designer at Manchester Metropolitan University went on to design for the home furnishing Industry. Her love of creating perfect images came to the fore, when she was appointed creative director of a Wall Art and Wallpaper company in 2007.

Interested in pictures that evoke memories and feelings of nostalgia. Joanne is fervent about “pulling” ideas from as many sources as possible, beautiful objects, places, architecture etcetera, then distilling them into “cohesive mechanisms” for her art.

Working for many national and international companies, Joanne has a wealth of commercial knowledge,and set up Symposium Design with her partner Sidney Yates in 2011. Sidney is also a designer and Artist trained both at Manchester and Edinburgh universities. Symposium is a design Studio which works across a wide spectrum of design fields connected to the Home furnishing Industry, designing and creating products and images for the UK and international Markets.