Walela R.

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Graphic designer / web developer by day - watercolor artist by night and raiser of wild children, Walela R. stays very busy creating and garnering inspiration from everyday things. She loves rendering complex florals in watercolor , oils and acrylic, even those with withering petals, as she still sees the beauty in those that are dying. All stages of a flowers lifecycle are interesting to her.

No subject is really off limits to Walela, she has painted everything and is open to anything. She loves to paint very detailed, applying layers and layers of transparent colors to achieve lots of depth and dimension. She can spend upwards of 20 hours on a painting if she is really into it. She also loves to paint loose, which gives her brain a break from the tightness in her earlier works and allows her to play with the paint on the surface and see what it can do, using more water, alcohol and sometimes salt to achieve more abstract looks. Walela  always uses the best in materials to paint the things she loves.

Walela has frequented artist inspired cities like Amsterdam, Delft and Paris where she studied the Masters originals and derived inspiration from them, which she still uses to this day.  Her work can be seen in several national galleries and are sought out by collectors all across the globe. Her new paintings in the coming year will hopefully please her collectors and attract new ones.

Walela R. feeds her craving to create art by drinking tankards of coffee and lots of spicy Mexican food while residing with her kids and partner in crime in the Tennessee Valley.