Christopher James

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  • Biography

As a young boy growing up in a small town in Massachusetts, Christopher James would spend much time exploring the ponds and woods that surrounded his home. Here he developed a deep love of nature which can be seen in his paintings of birds, butterflies and foliage. Later he would find himself enjoying the ocean and shoreline along Long Island as well, inspiring for his art of seashells and coastal life.

Christopher James studied for a brief time under a world renowned illustrator then ventured out on his own to find his own path. Since then his talents have extended to a wide range of work.  His art creations have graced the covers of books, greeting cards, record covers and children’s apparel as well. His most recent work has depicted a fascination with yester-year in his vintage art on old dictionary book pages. 

“To help rescue these vintage books in hopes they may be enjoyed as art for years to come gives me great joy. It is beautiful to see how these vintage pages make for a fascinating canvas. The combination of book type visible through the art evokes a warm rich vintage feel”. He currently lives in the Southeast with his family and faithful dog Sophie.