Joani K

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As an artist, that loves and celebrates color, Joani K uses the floral form as any excuse to mix colors in unusual ways. Her brighter palettes express a joy of life and her more subtle glazes stir the emotions of a far away place. “ I get inspired mostly by dreams of gardens”, Joani explains. “I then use those dreams to get to a place of meditation and calm.” Although the prolific artist works daily from her private studio, she always finds a way to start a new work from her heart onto any blank surface from textured canvas to smooth museum quality paper.

Joani K learned to draw and paint at a very young age, and was greatly inspired by her father who was a painter and an author. Joani K’s father played a significant role in her arts education as she grew up. She visited local New York and national  museums on a regular basis and was surrounded by professional New York painters that provided regular direction.  Influenced by the expressionist painters such as Pollock, Frankenthaler and more, Joani does not simply copy what she sees but adds emotion and expression through color choice and brushstroke.

Joani K has shown with top artists around the world including Chagall, Matisse and today’s well-remembered and known artists Rex Ray and Jeff Long. Joani K specializes in floral designs that “color the world”. Enjoy!