Devon Ross

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  • Biography

From the tender age of 8, Devon Ross wanted to become an artist. "My family encouraged me to be creative. Whether it was crayons, paints, or simply exploring my world, I always felt free to discover my inner spirit." Growing up, Devon's family often moved, looking for new horizons to explore. Europe was a favorite destination and with brothers and sisters in tow, Devon spent hours painting and drawing the peaceful landscapes of the European countryside. "Growing up, I was fascinated with the color, texture and beauty of grasses, leaves and trees."

Devon's love of antiquities was the inspiration for a collection of personal treasures which are proudly displayed in the artist's studio. "I often use one of my beloved items as inspiration for a new piece or collection. That way, when you look at my work you know there is a piece of my memory in each creation. Devon's second passion is architecture. Having worked on the interior restoration of many fine buildings, he says, "If I am not traveling the world sketching, I am at home with my family enjoying our historic home and garden."