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Padma Padma


Padma Padma

"Painting is my passion and has been ever since I could hold a brush. Through it, I experience unity with a greater creative force, and from that union, I have gained a sense of purpose and meaning to life that now, I cannot imagine being without.

Born and raised in the New England area of the United States, this Fine Arts graduate spent many years in India which she credits today as having a great influence in her artwork and in her life.

"My intention, in creating art, is to reveal the extra ordinariness of the ordinary world. I enjoy looking deeply into nature and the deeper I go, the more wonder I perceive"

Though painting remains the constant creative force in Padma's life, she has expanded her creative flow to costume design, as well as card and book illustrations.

Padma now creates her art in the comfort of a quiet studio, with the purring of her beloved cats to accompany her.


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