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Einat Dan


Einat Dan

Einat Dan is one of the leading Make Up Artists & bodypainter of our
time. Her career has spanned over two decades and reached almost
every continent. Her work was apparent in her early work starting out in
Tel Aviv in Israel leading her to quickly move on to living and working out
of cities such as New York, Milan and Berlin.
Her main passion centres is art, Painting has always been part of her
life, unique vision has built up since early age as a painter.
Einat grew up in a very creative family, her Mother was a fashion
designer and her father use to paint in his free time. Her work as a make
up artist and bodypainter has been featured on covers of all the great
fashion and make up magazines.
Einat’s passion flows beyond the boundaries of painting and make up
into every area that can be touched by her talent.
“ I feel so lucky to grew up in such a creative family, I have the passion
and desire to Create all the time, and I think it’s so important to work in a
job you love so much. I use all my techniques and skills in painting when
I do make-up and the opposite”
In 2019 Dan launched her first book “Art beyond beauty” an inspiration
makeup/art book for any one who loves art and specially for make-up
This intensive dedication to her talent and career have lead her to win
twenty eight world awards, including top recognitions in the industries of
makeup and bodypainting. She has an inner fire that has burned
consistently with the years of passion and resulted in a large following of
artistic admirers.
During Covid19, Einat finds the time to paint again and to focus on her
first passion ever.


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