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Gianna Summa


Gianna Summa

Gianna Summa grew up in Scottsdale, AZ in the 70's She went to the University of Arizona graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

She has been a professional artist for 9 years and believes her talent is a gift. She uses nature and her experiences in life as inspiration, and uses intuition and her spirituality as she paints. She listens to flamenco guitar, classical strings, U2 and Lenny Kravits among others.

She has 3 daughters who are also artistic.

She was always drawn to paint, even as a young girl. It was in college that she discovered her talent to be exceptional. Her dream is to teach children in her studio/gallery having gallery space to include the children’s' works.

Painting is more than a job to Gianna, it is a joy offering her peace and sanctity.

Her intention is to spread that peace and joy through her artwork to others.



Snowy Owl

Mark Spowart


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